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The idea for HeroicLauch.com was developed by an established accounting services firm, Hessel Solutions Inc., DBA Heroic Solutions Inc. (HSI). HSI has been serving clients since 1994, amassing 28 years of experience to help individuals and businesses succeed.

It is time to give back

HSI decided it was time to put its experience to work to help those that can help the world the most. We believe that entrepreneurs are unique individuals who can create positive change in this world in a way that many others can not. Sustainable job creation lifts economies, household by household, leading to a better world for everyone.

With this goal in mind, HeroicLaunch.com was formed by HSI as a service to help entrepreneurs in the early stage (launching) by taking care of the bookkeeping, reporting, and bank reconciliations that are required to establish a firm foundation upon which they, our heroes, can grow their businesses. We approve grants for up to 10 new launches every month that provide free accounting services for 12 months as our way of giving back to the business community.

The impact of your participation is even deeper

Ian Hessel, the founder of HSI – who was born in South Africa – has developed business opportunities for professionals living in developing economies that provide a financial advantage for individuals and their families. By blending the talent of our US team with the support team living abroad, HSI is able to provide affordable, high-quality Client Accounting Services (CAS) to entrepreneurs and established businesses nationwide.

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